We're Looking For Influencers

Do you like our products and are you an influencer of any kind, preferably on TikTok or Instagram, we may be looking for you!

It's very important to us that you're honest in anything you say regarding us or our products, so that our customers know what to expect and we can live up to those expectations.

You are free to create any kind of content you want. We know you have a style and we want you to keep being yourself and do what you enjoy. However please let us know what kind of content you will create and notify us if you drastically change it.

Please send an email to partners@reconzy.com, containing the following:

  • Link to your profile(s) on your platform(s).
  • Your engagement rate and follower count. You're welcome to share more key figures you find relevant.
  • Who your audience is.
  • A rough outline of the content you expect to create with our products.
  • What you expect to be payed for x amount of content.
  • Questions you have for us, if any.

 We are a new company and in-line with that, we're primarly looking for nano - micro influencers (followers: 500 - 100,000), as our budget is not that big.

We will of course provide you with a completely free product to showcase as minimum. If it goes well, we can further discuss establishing a partnership and the price.